3D Inflatable Nursing Neck Pillow

with pump and release system, Blue Color

Inflatable | Hygienic | Portable | Washable


Integrates a 3D pump and release pump system with patented technologies; Pump to inflate or push to deflat. 

Design Awards
Dimensions: 290mm x 300mm x 130mm
Weight: 300 grams
Materials: TPU
Feature and How To Use


- Winner of red dot product design 2017 
- Special built-in 3D Pump and release system that supports your neck and prevent your head from dropping to one side  
- Adjustable airtight inflation that conforms to the contour of your head and neck, which may prevent neck pains
- The pillow's characteristics are highly reliable and durable. The inner pump can be pumped up to 300,000 times
- Unique and exclusive design with international patents protection 
- Foldable design will enable you to save space while travelling 
- Smart deflating function - simply press the air bleed piston on the air valve to deflate the pillow in only a few seconds  
Q1. What makes the Travelmall Inflatable Nursing Neck Pillow special? 
A1: The Travelmall Inflatable Nursing Neck Pillow integrates a 3D pump and released system with patented technologies; designed according to human factor engineering, neck vertebral nursing. It is definitely your perfect health care and travelling companion & may help to prevent neck pain or fatigue when you are travelling in a plane, train, car, or even just reclining to watch TV. 
Q2. What is Travelmall Inflatable Nursing Neck Pillow made of ?
A2: The pillow primarily consists of a removable and washable double layer pillow cover and the special built-in 3D pump and release system. The pillow cover is 70% polyester and 30% cotton. The 3D pump and release system comprises an air valve, a unique air bag and a ventilation piston which piston which are jointly researched and developed by our mechancial experts and pump system designers.
Q3. How do I wash/clean Travelmall Inflatable Nursing Neck Pillow?
A3: You cannot wash the inner inflatable part of the pillow. If you need to clean or wash the pillow outer cover, please hand wash it. Do not machine wash! Do not bleach!
Q4: How do i dry Travelmall Inflatable Nursing Neck Pillow:
A4: Lay flat to dry