Sonic Control Selfie Grip

Hold your smartphone in place to take better and swifter selfies with one hand!


Multi-Storage SIM Card Organizer

Ultra-Slim | OTG | TYPE-C


3D stereo sleeping mask with Integrated headphones

Sleeping Mask | Headphone


    This 3D sleeping mask is fully integrated with built-in headphones and provides excellent light blocking. Its ergonomic design comfortably fits the contour of your eyes and nose for complete relaxation.

3D Breathable Nursing Sleep Mask

Feel complete relaxation | Allowing oxygen in


    This 3D nursing eye mask integrates built-in air vents with patented technologies and 100% light blocking capability; designed according to the contours of your eyes and nose with an ergonomic design for complete relaxation. It offers an interior eye chamber so that your eyes won't touch the mask or feel any pressure. It also blocks out unwanted light entirely. It is definitely your perfect travelling companion, that can be used as home or while travelling in an airplane, car or train. Memory foam earplugs are included.

Inflatable Nursing Massage Pillow

Inflatable | Massage | Portable | Pumpable


    This inflatable nursing neck pillow is the world's first pillow to integrate a massaging function and a special built-in 3D pump and release system, both of which are patented technologies. The pillow inflates by repeatedly pressing a pump without the need to blow into it, making it both convenient and hygienic. 




3D Inflatable Nursing Neck Pillow

Inflatable | Hygienic | Portable | Washable

SW 994300118

    The inflatable nursing neck pillow integrates a 3D pump and release pump system with patented technologies; designed according to human factor engineering and neck vertebral nursing. It is definitely your perfect health care and travelling companion and may help to prevent neck pain or fatigue when you are travelling in a plane, train, or even just reclining to watch TV.